The Beck’s Sobriety Test Mobile App

This isn’t the first and I’m sure it won’t the last alcohol brand to attempt to create a sobriety test.  The latest variant from Becks combines their famous keyed logo with the idea of struggling to get your car key in the ignition when your drunk (do cars still come with actual keys or is it all proximity based sensors now?!).  One nice touch is the location based taxi database which can be set up in advance so that if you play the game and fail the app auto dials that cab company for you.  That aside I do have concerns about insinuating that if you can complete some simple game then you are safe to drive.  The idea completely disregards the units of alcohol consumed or when.  For example I could down a bottle of Vodka, play the game immediately, pass the test, jump in my car and head to the closest motorway.  I think we all know how that would end.  A far better example of addressing drink driving is the ‘Drunk Valet‘ social experiment out of Brazil.


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  1. lab604

    Thanx for featuring the app here!

    As for usability of the app, You can’t really expect a drunk person to use this all the time :) Most people can’t even remember they had a phone with them :)

    The app can be useful to get a cab but mainly it delivers a passes on message that if you had a few, you shouldn’t drive.

    There is an additional When I drink I don’t drive activation video that you can reach at:

    • James Collier

      Thanks for the comment Lab604. I totally understand that the vast majority of people will not use the app as a means to test their sobriety and at its core its really a reminder that drinking and driving is an idiots game (as highlighted by the activation video).

      However I have a personal issue with any organisation (brand or otherwise) that is seen to be saying that a consumer doesn’t need to worry about their alcohol consumption because there is some fail safe piece of technology that can make the drink driving decision for them.

      In my opinion this trivialises the real issue and insinuates a removal of responsibility from the individual. Even if 99.99% of people don’t take the app seriously it only takes 1 person to believe they can drive when they are over the limit and take someone’s life in an accident and the Becks Sobriety Test shifts from being a fun reminder to be careful to being part of the problem.

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