What if Google Streetview were powered by you & Hertz?

Photographing every street in the world is a pretty big task!  It takes thousands of cars and millions of man hours to do.  Who would be stupid enough to sign up to a gig like that!?  Google of course, and they have been doing an exceptional job with their Streetview product.  The problem is that our urban & suburban street-scape is changing at a pretty rapid rate which leaves some of the imagery out of date.  So whats the solution?  Two Miami Ad School graduates have a great idea (Albert Calsina & Shari Bremer).  How about a collaboration between Google, Hertz and you?  Each Hertz car is installed with Google cameras and when its rented and on the roads it takes snaps of locations that need updating.  These are sent to Google HQ and the lucky driver is rewarded for their assistance!

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  1. Nutzer mit Hertz: Wie sich Google Streetview sich per Crowdsourcing aktualisieren lässt | SpeedGrip

    [...] Die Idee dazu stammt von zwei Absolventen der Miami Ad School, Albert Calsina und Shari Bremer: Die Öffentlichkeit würde aktiv aufgerufen, Fotos zu machen, um Streetview eigenständig zu aktualisieren. Damit die Basisabdeckung von Straßen mit Fotos sichergestellt sei, rüste zudem Autovermieter Hertz als Partner einen Teil seiner Mietwagenflotte, die aus rund einer halben Million Autos besteht, mit Kameras aus. [...]

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