Will you get lucky tonight? Durex tells your fotune

In Taiwan, a country steeped in tradition and culture, talking about sex is taboo.  Unfortunately this means its incredibly hard to educate the youth population on sexual health and safe sex.  Durex, one of the worlds largest condom producers had regularly tried to reach this audience with street promoters but weren’t having any luck (to be honest I don’t know where some random stranger running up to you waving condoms in your face would have a positive outcome!).  To overcome the stigma associated with talking about sex, Durex tapped into another cultural truth, the desire to know ones future.  And so Xerud (that’s Durex backwards) the Fortune Teller was born.  Placed in pubs, clubs and bars Xerud shared the message of safe sex and future fun with young adults while overcoming the social barriers that had blocked the conversation before.

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