Mobile app creates positive peer pressure to stop smoking

Everyone that remembers their childhood can probably recall seeing or experiencing peer pressure around smoking.  In fact, behavioural analysis highlights it as one of the key influencing factors on why people start smoking.  Taking that insight and flipping it on its head, students at the The Miami Ad School have created a mobile app that creates positive peer pressure for smokers to quit.  Built around a smokers social circle (non-smokers) the app experience begins by asking friends to make a financial commitment and defining a quit date.  If the smoker agrees then the app ensures there is support and constant encouragement,  help when tempting situations appear and an ongoing social tracker of progress.  If the smoker quits successfully then all the friends get their money back, if not then its donated to the Cancer Society!

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    • James Collier

      I hadn’t noticed that, good spot! The concept (which I think is amazing) actually comes out of the Miami Ad School and it appears the bright creative minds that worked on it aren’t all that hot with research. Luckily in a creative agency they’ll hopefully have a smart planner to cover that off.

      Thanks for the comment

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